Tire ans Wheelservice in Kaiserslautern

Tire and Wheel Service

It is the details that decide when changing a tire and have a strong impact on safety and comfort. The tire must be applied optimally and carefully and the profile of the tire must be adapted to the weather conditions. 

Our tire specialists in Tire Wheel Service work with state-of-the-art and precise tools so that you are optimally prepared for summer and winter. With reliable tire partners we are on your side.  We take care of everything from procurement to assembly and tire storage. So you save time, money and nerves for you with our offers.

We also offer wheel services with Run Flat functionality. And if a few years ago, tires with this technology were unusual and a client faced with such a feature became a stupor, at the moment most motorists are aware of the features of Run-Flat tires.

Run Flat tire  is a technology patented by most manufacturers, which is based on the maximum possible reinforcement and sealing of the sidewall of the wheel. This design allows in the event of a puncture of the wheel to maintain an acceptable pressure in it, as a result of which the tire can be used for some time.

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