car polishing in Kaiserslautern


Every car owner knows this – the paint on the vehicle quickly loses its sheen due to dirt, weather and age. As a result, the color of the car loses its brightness, the paint itself seems cloudy. Then it is high time to get your car in shape and have it polished.

Auto polish becomes more and more popular. Because it is very difficult to maintain the original appearance of car. As soon as it begins to move, minor damage to the paintwork is inevitable. And to eliminate these small troubles, the specialists of our workshop do there work.

Before we are going polish your car, a thorough exterior wash and paint cleaning including rust removal must of course be carried out. Only then can the paint be professionally polished. For car polishing the body, our experts use only time-tested, high-quality materials and modern equipment.

Polishing of the car Kaiserslautern in our workshop takes around 4 hours. Prices from 70 euros.

Car polishing service in Kaiserslautern – your car will looks like on the day of purchase!