Seasonal Tire Storage

For most drivers at Kaiserslautern, twice a year arises question about where to find winter tire storage and summer tire storage. Especially if you do not have your own garage and don’t want to turn your balcony into a dump.

RWS specialists take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of your tires. Professional service, availability of a warehouse with favorable atmospheric and temperature conditions, protection against negative influences – all this allows us to store tires in accordance with established standards.

Before placing it for seasonal tire storage, we will record the following tire data: manufacturer, model, size, tread depth and tire number. Our employees will help you unload the wheels, mark them, place them in a storage place, and you will be given a complete set of documents confirming the provision of a full and high-quality service.

You can pick up your wheels or tires at any time convenient for you within the RWS operating hours. The cost of seasonal tire storage from 20 euros. Contact us for more information.