Tire and Rim Preparation

The most important issue at the initial stage of seasonal storage of tires is the preparation of rubber for storage. Many factors depend on the preparation: preservation of tire geometry, preventive preservation of tires from corrosion, as well as a decrease in the degree of wear during future operation.

In RWS workshop, Tire and Rim preparation for seasonal storage is carried out in several stages:
1.Immediately after the tires are removed from the vehicle, their marking will be the best preparation option, to avoid future doubts about which tire we are facing.
2. After the preliminary marking of the tires, the rubber cleaning step begins. Tires are thoroughly washed and dried. The tread is cleaned by stones and small gravel stuck in it, as well as other small items. This is done to prevent faster wear of rubber during subsequent operation.

With the rim preparation, minor damage to the rims is eliminated and the rims are polished cleanly and evenly. At the end of the rim preparation, permanent protection is applied to the rims.

The cost of the service is from 25 euros.

Before After Tire and Rim Preparation in KaiserslauternTire and Rim Preparation in Kaiserslautern