By contacting the RWS technical center, you can use the services of car nanopolishing in Kaiserslautern. Our experts will perform high-quality and quick processing of the car body. Professionals will reliably protect the car from the effects of a host of aggressive environmental factors.

By using professional ceramic sealant, after nanopolishing, your car can be protected from adverse weather and environmental influences, as well as from substances such as oil and dirt, and gives your car an extraordinary sheen.

Benefits of car nanopolish:

  • Brilliant high gloss and extraordinary depth of color.
  • No polishing or further preservation necessary.
  • Protects against: bird droppings, insects, UV radiation, sunscreens, acids, alkalis, graffiti and much more.
  • Corrosion protection, e.g. B. salt water in ships.
  • Reduces scratches
  • Color refreshing
  • Prevents colour fading
  • The ceramic seal permanently maintains the gloss of your paint and creates a new high gloss and intense color depth.
  • “Easy-to-clean effect”, what means Surfaces stay clean longer, are very easy to clean and that
  • Cleaning effort is reduced considerably. This also saves costs and time.
  • Car wash without harmful chemicals, only with water and organic shampoo.
  • Significantly reduces fingerprints on surfaces etc.
  • Value retention, environmental protection.
car nanopolish in Kaiserslautern
car nanopolish in Kaiserslautern
car nanopolish in Kaiserslautern